About Us

What we do and a few of our customers

We make clothes for women such as:

Any kinds of jackets
We do pressing and finishing for all imported and local garments.
We also complete all types of repairing and fixed adjustment needed on garments.

A few of our customers are: Collection Conrad C Inc, Joseph Ribkoff Inc., Les Modes Linea Domani Inc., LAMARQUE Collection, Rudsak, Etc.

R. Amin CEO & Founder

We are in this sewing and finishing business since 2007 with real practical experience, we have excellent and skilled sewing operators and a flexible team of long hour workers. We believe that our long-hours working team can respect on time shipment. Our pressing team is guaranteed to serve you well because we believe pressing is a very important part for quality garments.
RAHUL DISTRIBUTION, we're here for you.
You will sometimes hear jaw-dropping stories about factories making perfect samples but the actual production run goods look nothing like the samples you approved. It happens all the time to companies/people who